Thursday, June 4, 2015


Currently wondering at the sheer goodness of my life. It's 11:25pm. Today I had a little sister to play with and lots of brothers to laugh with and a big sister to talk with. My selfless parents had their 21st anniversary. Rain showered down from gray fluffy things in the sky made up of water droplets [?!] and I wore my robe for half the day. I baked chocolate chip cookies and played card games in the living room. I finished The Help today. It seems more like last night but technically it was this morning. I have water colors and I have words upon words and I have bagels and Jesus and pages full of his words and paper to write on and map out my thoughts and my feelings and a comfy bed waiting for me at the end of it all. 
I cried today. I laughed today. I made another persons day better today. 
It may not have been the most profitable day or the best day but it was a good day. And with Jesus- guess what? That's every day.


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