Sunday, June 14, 2015


so I actually just found these questions on the Internet but I tag everyone reading this! So, if you decide to post your own, I'd love it if you could tag me in your post so I can check it out! 

side note:: this was written last night so some of the answers might sound out of place. sorry I do that all the time.

-what color is your toothbrush? blue and pink. and my other old one that i still have (for whatever reason) is pale green.
-name one person who made you smile today? kayla. we had a sleepover. i'll leave it there.
-what were you doing at 8 am this morning? waking up to the maddening sound of my alarm.
-what were you doing 45 minutes ago? making cookies.
-what is your favorite candy bar? twix probably. just plain chocolate is always good too. 
-have you ever been to a strip club? nope. not planning on it anytime soon either.
-what is the last thing you said aloud? "that's some good advice." *sarcasm dripping*
-what is your favorite ice cream flavor? coffee + cookies and cream.
-what was the last thing you had to drink? water.
-do you like your wallet? no. I've been saying I need to get a new one for years. I spilled water in my purse/on my wallet and so the colors on it are all faded and blotchy. it's weird.
-what was the last thing you ate? cookie dough. *nervous laughter*
-have you bought any new clothing items this week? yes. I bought a tanktop from old navy that says "sea to shining sea" #merica 
-the last sporting event you watched? In person? probably ncaa national championship (WHEN DUKE WON). in person, my brother's baseball game.
-what is your favorite flavor of popcorn? um. salt?
-who is the last person you sent a text message to? brianna.
-do you take vitamins daily? nope.
-do you go to church every Sunday? yes.
-do you have a tan? yes, thank God for the beach.
-do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? psh. pizza. do you think I'm American or not?
-do you drink your soda with a straw? no. I need to drink from the top where the ice is so it's cold. but lately I haven't been drinking soda.
-what did your last text message say? *kissy face emojis* enthralling- I know.
-what are you doing tomorrow? going to church. taking a nap. and going to church. this is my ideal sunday, so it's all good. 
-what sounds are you listening to now? the sounds of my parents having a serious discussion in the living room. *breaks out in nervous sweat* hahah
-look to your left, what do you see? a mason jar filled with ice water. a little artsy pail from target converted into a pen holder. all hardback harry potter books stacked up precariously. a candle. pictures from my childhood. and a mini notebook recording all the books I've read in the past year or so.
-what color is your watch? I don't actually have one.
-what do you think of when you hear Australia? kangaroos. new zealand. green. the outback. these two australian girls who stayed with us one night as their host home. vegemite.
-what is your birthstone? ruby.
-do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? depends. usually go in.
-what is your favorite number? 30, I guess. It was always my favorite when I was younger because of a Duke player and I haven't thought about it enough to change yet. plus it's just a pretty good, solid number.
-who's the last person you talked to on the phone? my mom. typical.
-any plans today? I did but it's 11pm now so they're all over.
-biggest annoyance right now? one that I'm not sharing, but my back hurts too so I'll list that.
-last song listened to? Ummmmmmmmmm probably a country song on the radio. 
-can you say the alphabet backwards? *experiments* yes but it takes a long time.
-do you have a maid service clean your house? -_- N O .
-favorite pair of shoes you like to wear all the time? does barefoot count? I wear my sandals a lot but I don't like them very much, haha.
-are you jealous of anyone? yes, I am, after all, a human.
-is anyone jealous of you? not that I'm aware of.
-do you love anyone? YES
-do any of your friends have children? not friends my age, but yes.
-what do you usually do during the day? uhhhh I've got nothing.
-do you hate anyone that you know right now? no. I think that there could be some hatred that lurks in the shadowy places of my heart towards some, but I wouldn't say I hate anyone I know.
-do you use the word 'hello' daily? nah. more like hi or hey.
-what color is your car? unfortunately do not own one yet. hopefully in the next year.
-do you like cats? I'm allergic, so in that sense, no. but apart from that, I long to cuddle with them.
-are you thinking about someone right now? several people actually. I worry too much.
-have you ever been to Six Flags? no.
-how did you get your worst scar? riding a scooter at a friends house. he was doing something funny and I got distracted and fell and scraped my elbow *very badly. my mom was gone and I remember it bleeding a lot. but what hurt so much was taking the bandaid. the pain was unreal. that was years and years ago but there's still an odd darker/slightly bumpy spot on my elbow. I can't believe I've gotten through life so far with so little seriously scarring incidents.


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