Friday, April 22, 2016

nostalgic summer

this is what summer looks like to me.
teetering stacks of thick, familiar books.
glaring bright sunlight reflected off salty, cool ocean water.
sparklers illuminating a warm summer night.
waking up cozy in the morning light under fresh sheets to no alarm.
time to create, to paint, to write, to live, to breathe.
following the signs to the beach, barefoot on the scorching sand.
a steaming cup of coffee in the morning in a cool house.
fresh strawberries washed clean under the kitchen sink.
windows down, radio on, feeling the rushing air tousle your hair and buffet your hand out the sunroof drives.
i'm way past ready.

HAH i said i was taking a break but after finally writing another post i couldn't not write another one. it just felt too good to be back. i'm writing this wednesday and i think i'm gonna burst if i don't post it right now, but i'll wait till friday. this is a good post for a friday. // all these pictures can be found on my nostalgia board w/ my sister or my relax board on my pinterest here.

so, what does summer look like to you?

Monday, April 18, 2016

currently + rambles

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’ve been a bit absentee lately. I’m super sorry. I’ve been in a bit of a dry spot. I haven’t been feeling lots of inspiration and I’ve been very busy and blahblahblah everything else you’re already used to hearing from people after a break.

Well, this just a post to say I might be taking a bit of a break for a few weeks. HAH. I’m actually not laughing I’m kind of sad :’) Loads of work are waiting to be done before the end of the semester and work is a thing and helping figure out wedding plans with my sister and so if I have any extra time it will probably be spent reading. I might be popping back in on occasion, but I just wanted to let you know. Also, tons of tags are happening to me, so THIS IS REALLY HARD TO NOT SPEND TIME ON BLOGGING. But I will contain myself. Here’s a little splurge for you lovelies though since I’ve kept you waiting for so long.
Music: Disney playlists on repeat, lots of Classical and Baroque era music for my class (so beautiful actually- these composers talents amaze me), twenty one pilots (sometimes I think I’m not in the mood for them, but then I listen to one song and I can’t stop halp), Lukas Graham lsadfk, For King and Country
 Reads: Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, We Cannot Be Silent by Albert Mohler, The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes, Galatians, and currently, The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, and Stars Between the Sun and Moon by Lucia Jang.
Smells: coffee always, the scent of stale smoke on the breath of person sitting beside me lol why, the musky comfort of my bed, the pleasantly unfamiliar smell of a new friends home, OUTSIDE AND GREEN. And mint chocolate chip cookies cause I can. Earth.
Eats: Frozen pizza and cookies. #healthyliving Eggs constantly. Coffee. Clementines. Yogurt and granola. And chicken. And wraps.
Wears(?): shorts and a tank top this afternoon what!!!!! Mostly just nice stuff for work (blegh). Leggings and a tank right now. Tomorrow I don't know what I'll be wearing, but I'm determined to look good cause I have a big test and feeling good about how I look boosts my confidence level x394.
Thoughts: if I do not have love I am nothing. I need to start a war room or wall in my closet. Basically everything on my twitter feed. I forgot how brilliant Doctor Who is (s/o to a friend for the reminder via sleep over;). Also forgot how good it feels not to set an alarm even though it was an accident. I got my license today *flskdfj* This article.
Feels: Civil War is coming out in less than a month and I’m already crying. I don’t want my sister to move out and I don’t want to think about it either so I just push it out of mind because who has time for feels about that? How God speaks to us through his Word!!!!!!!!!! 2 cool. Tears because summer is so close yet so far. Driving alone with the windows down and 80 degree weather and radio on. Yes.
So, that’s it for now! If you want to keep up with me during my break go follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Pinterest is also an option. I miss y’all!!!! S/O to Melinda at Called to Belong for tagging me for this "what I'm doing now" thingy. Hers was full of gifs and definitely way better than mine, so go look it up! Anyone else who wants to do the tag should do that. ^-^
ps // I got to guest post over at Silver Mess (which is one of my fave blogs- Rachel is the coolest) so go check that out!!!!!! It’s about a day in the life (of me lol)