Friday, December 15, 2017

two truths + a lie

ok so here's the rules. we did this exercise in my creative writing class where you write three short excerpts about your life, then share them and people have to guess which one is a lie (or you can do 2 lies + a truth, whatever). soooo here goes nothing! everyone post your guesses in the comment section! will be revealing which one is a lie, MONDAY 12/18. also tagging a few people below just for the fun of it !!!
1. I remember when the hurricane came and flooded the backwoods for miles. Me and all my cousins went out and foraged in the mud, exploring for hours in the murky water, swimming when it got over our heads, and surprised when we came out with nothing but a cut foot bleeding out on the gravel road back home.
2. I remember when we decided to cut across the field of one of our distant neighbors we never talked to. We ran along the tree line like it was some kind of secret cause we knew he'd told our parents to stay away. It was only when we got to the other side by the river that we saw him. He was standing out there with two huge, mean-looking dogs on either side, and he was staring right at us. We froze wondering whether to risk the two mile run back home or go jump in the river or just wait there like sitting ducks.
3. I remember one day when we ran away back in the woods behind my cousins house til we finally got to the field. It was getting dark and cloudy by the time we reached the barbed wire fence and saw the enormous bull on the other side. When my cousin, the one my age who everyone thought was my twin, and the older one with dark hair decided to go in for the fun of it, I felt sick. But, of course, I didn't say anything. No sense in getting called a girl when you could avoid it. They crawled under barely avoiding the barbed wire. Once they were under though, they started making a clamor of noise, whooping and yelling and running around, trying to provoke the distant bull. Only it seemed to be working. "Y'all!" I yelled. The bull snorted and pawed at the ground. They saw and scrambled to get back under the wire without being electrocuted, as the bull started charging.

Literally anyone else who wants to do it!!!! and feel free to say I tagged you for it in your post ^-^

although partly true, the bull did not charge lolz.
thanks for all the guesses you guys!!! xo

Friday, December 8, 2017

didn't expect you

I don't know. I guess I just didn't expect to be so surprised by you. I didn't expect you to come down the steps with sleepy eyes in the early morning light. I didn't mean to catch you so unsuspecting in your natural habitat. But it didn't seem to bother you. You didn't seem in any rush to leave. I guess I didn't expect that either.
I didn't expect you to be unshaven, drinking coffee from your mug on the couch across from me. I didn't expect the familiarity to be so comfortable. I didn't expect your muscled arm so close to mine. I didn't expect you to call me by name when you said goodbye. I didn't expect the only other person there to notice the way your eyes followed me out to my car.
I don't know. I guess I just didn't expect you.

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