Thursday, March 24, 2016

bagels + an update

i like eating bagels &
watching the sun set &
feeling the cool breeze caress my skin
i like ending the day with dirty feet & 
things accomplished & 
scatterings of green showing up everywhere 
i like soaking in the words of another mind
i like prayer & people & solitude & the earth coming alive all over again
& mostly i like to wonder at the grace in it all

I feel like I have way too many meaningless rambles inspired by different sunsets, but whatevs. I got off work today and am now getting pumped for my unbelievable three day weekend ahead. These past couple weeks have been incredibly draining emotionally, spiritually, all of it. Tomorrow everyone's gonna be home, I'm going to winter jam with friends and we're all driving a minivan. Saturday I'm meeting with friends at a coffee shop to talk about Jesus and pray for each other. And then I'm going to one of my bff's birthday parties and then Sunday we celebrate JESUS RISING FROM THE GRAVE AND DEFEATING DEATH AND SETTING US FREE! God is good, y'all.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

photoshoot + shoutout

K y'all so here are some pics of me taken by my bae//photographer. I figured she should get some recognition b/c
- I'm sharing them on my blog so obv
- she's a little younger than me and unbelievably talented already
- we got up before dawn to get these
- it was way too far below freezing to function but we still did it
- we stayed up till past 2 talking and netflixing that night so we got like less than 4 hours of sleep
- I love her
- I can't really remember where I was going with this
So, on that note, here's some of the pictures, and go show her some love right now on her facebook page (like her page and all her pictures) or else something bad will happen to you. K? K. Thanks y'all xx
how did she make our kitchen look so pretty
this is not natural so much struggle went into this
evergreen trees give me life
s/o to other bae for curling my hair the day before so i didn't have to touch it when i woke up
my pic b/c i want y'all to know what a beautiful saturday it was
my pic also from when we retreated inside from the bitter cold to drink coffee and check instagram heh
ps sorry for weird formatting I'm trying to get my life together but I can't.
pps go follow her on instagram and she has a blog that's super cute

Saturday, March 5, 2016


motion / blurred eyes /
beating pumping pounding pulsing 
heart thumping
cold air / numb hands
rushed breaths
smeared soft pink lavender blue
burning sphere / blocked by clouds
invisible rays
call of geese / hum of plane / vibration of sound
white wisps of hair obstructing view
all the light we can't see
reflected in the puddles / the windows /
the eyes
in the hopes and fears and dreams
promises kept
breathed into our lungs
pumped to our hearts
breathed out by our lungs
                                                                                                                  / again /

this post is brought to you by: post book feelings and post book run bc of post book feelings (lol help me) and sunset by God. also sorry I haven't responded to comments. life has been literally insane but I loved all of them so much. plus see my new profile picture over there >>> more like that coming soon in a post that's hopefully coming soon.