Thursday, March 24, 2016

bagels + an update

i like eating bagels &
watching the sun set &
feeling the cool breeze caress my skin
i like ending the day with dirty feet & 
things accomplished & 
scatterings of green showing up everywhere 
i like soaking in the words of another mind
i like prayer & people & solitude & the earth coming alive all over again
& mostly i like to wonder at the grace in it all

I feel like I have way too many meaningless rambles inspired by different sunsets, but whatevs. I got off work today and am now getting pumped for my unbelievable three day weekend ahead. These past couple weeks have been incredibly draining emotionally, spiritually, all of it. Tomorrow everyone's gonna be home, I'm going to winter jam with friends and we're all driving a minivan. Saturday I'm meeting with friends at a coffee shop to talk about Jesus and pray for each other. And then I'm going to one of my bff's birthday parties and then Sunday we celebrate JESUS RISING FROM THE GRAVE AND DEFEATING DEATH AND SETTING US FREE! God is good, y'all.


  1. this is the loveliest update i've read and yAS girl, i'm so eggcitesss for this weekend too <3

    you know those phrases you just latch on and go uhm YEAH those will stick in my heart? for like no reason at all heh. yeah, "soaking in the words of another mind" & "the earth coming alive all over again." IDK WHY I JUST LOVE THE SOUND OF THOSE WORDS hahaha xx

    p.s. i think it's entirely appropriate to be inspired by the sunsets.

  2. Olivia, how come we are so similar? Sunsets always inspire words and sidings from my soul. Shared prayers and thoughts with friends make me feel alive. Hectic and draining weeks make me hope for heaven even more. And wondering at grace makes it all worth the while!

    JESUS IS RISEN!!! He is alive in us, and in Him, all sin, shame, and second-guessing is gone. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain but who then rose to life!

  3. Your words are so, so beautiful. They make me so happy.

    It sounds like you have a really fun weekend ahead of you!!! I hope that you enjoy every minute.:)

  4. awww.....those weekends are the best when there's all those wondrous and beautiful things coming up <33 this weekend is definitely one of my most favorites out of the whole year. easter and that time has always signified springtime coming, plus, i mean, WE'RE CELEBRATING JESUS' DEATH AND RESURRECTION THROUGH WHICH WE ARE GIVEN GRACE AND MERCY. i mean, it doesn't get better than that.

    and that little poem thingy at the top blew me away <33 you are so talented with words.
    God is good xx

  5. This is so pretty! Lovely update! Have a wonderful Easter!<3

  6. BAGELS HECK YEAH. I love them with strawberry cream cheese <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  7. "Mostly I like to wonder at the grace in it all"
    You are so cool & I love your sunset-inspired ramblings.

  8. Bagels and catching up with blogger friends is how I roll! Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your state, today is the first full day I have been here and I went to old town Salem, such a unique place! Blog rambles are much fun to read!

  9. I tagged you for the text tag, if your interested. :)



    I did too, haha!!

  11. This is so beautiful <3

  12. Okay you're super awesome. I saw your Insta pop up on my phone and wanted to check out your page because I was born in the summer of 1999, and thought that was pretty cool. Your blog is so cute!! Let's chat more ♥︎