Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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sorry for that title there. My brain doesn't seem to be functioning right now. I'm in a sort of post-vacation..... I can't think of the word. See what I mean? Hiatus? No that's not at all right. Sorry. Anyway. These are some pictures from my short weekend trip to the beach two weekends ago. I went on another ones this past week. Those pictures will be coming soon (I hope).

note: the sun shining on the sun also rises
The drive down was slow and quiet and pleasant. For the most part it was sunny and we ate chickfila and all was joyous- until we ran into this storm. It was weird because it was still raining and the sun was shining golden and there was a rainbow and then there were these dark looming clouds on their way in the countryside. I loved it.

We stayed on the beach nearly all day, but didn't plunge in because it was actually pretty cold. And let's face it, I couldn't leave my book for much longer than a few minutes. But we sat in our chairs and let the sun keep us warm and the ocean water at our feet keep us cool and the brilliant blue sky kept us dazzled and the wind kept us just looking salty and sandy and windswept to boot. 

Eventually we hopped back on our grandparents golf cart (the true root of our love for them. JUST KIDDING I PROMISE) and had supper on the porch. By then it was dusk and mostly gray. The golf cart took us around the campground to a little ice cream shop by the shore. There we picked up some of the best coffee ice cream in the universe with waffle cones that were totally worth the like $20 extra. Wow I'm seriously craving those right now. Like just look at that picture. Not even caring that I had chocolate ice cream earlier. Cramps make half a chocolate bar and chocolate ice cream and craving coffee ice cream okay right??? Right.
Well. My battery's dying and that's about all I've got. Sorry this is a bit dry and meh. I've been kind of meh over my blog lately. Like it's never really what I want it to be. But I'm not exactly sure how I want it to change. Is this just my moodiness or?? What do you guys do when you're getting annoyed at your blog or are looking to change things up a little bit? I'd love any ideas: to do some prompts or a guest post or anything! Thanks to all my TWELVE followers!!!! yay!

[ps I've got a bit of a thing going on with the comments on here. It's really weird so that only google plus members can comment. sorry about that, but I'm working on it and hopefully I can get it figured out soon!]


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