Wednesday, May 27, 2015

out of print

So, I'm assuming most of you don't know what Out of Print is. I actually can't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I've been wanting to buy something from there for a long time and FINALLY they had a great sale and I had some money and here we are. The great reveal:

Isn't it just beautiful??? They have lots of shirts like this [for example: Gone With the Wind, The Great Gatsby, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Pride & Prejudice, Call of the Wild, Fahrenheit 451, and lots more including children's books]! Here's what is written on the back of that card in the picture^...

What We Do:
We scour library stacks and dusty bookstores to find the classics and curiosities that end up on our products. Everything we make is printed and treated to feel like your favorite book (that one that you have read eleven times).
Our Mission:
Help us to share the gift of reading. Each Out of Print purchase makes possible the donation of one cook to a community in need through our partner Books for Africa.

Is that not the greatest thing you've heard all week? So, if you're interested now [and I know you are], then go visit Just do it. I decided to go for the men's t-shirt and I've decided that it's one of the best decisions of my life so far. They really meant what they said, because it actually feels like that one book that I've read eleven times. 
SEE HOW IT MATCHES THE COVER OF MY COPY? SEE?! AHH. Fangirlinf over my own tshirt.

Have any of you read The Old Man and the Sea? What did you guys think about it? Clearly, I loved it, but I want to know what you guys think. Also, I read it in my literature class with literally the best literature teacher on the face of the planet. She is my favorite. So that's part of what helped me learn to understand and appreciate it. And if you have read it or any of his other books, what do you guys think about Hemingway? I just love hearing different opinions about this stuff.
Anyway life update: my sister and I decided just yesterday that we're going to the beach tomorrow. Yay for spontaneity. The problem is that I just finished a book and I'm looking for a nice beachy read for the drive down and on the beach and on the drive back and basically the whole trip. So, please throw out some ideas for me [I'm not too picky]!!!! I'll be at the library before we leave, so I should be able to get my hands on whatever book you propose [not to mention my expansive book collection]. THANK YOU GUYS!!


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