Saturday, May 23, 2015


So I thought I'd do a rundown of my day yesterday, because I actually took pictures.
I woke up early to a sunny morning waiting outside my windows. Double chocolate muffins for breakfast and then on to devotions in my comfy chair (as always), wearing my new and incredibly comfortable shirt from Target and leggings. Since I'm mostly out of school, all I had was math, which I did on my bed while drinking hot green tea out of a Disney mug. It was so good.

I finally finished math and got ready to go on a shopping trip with mom and my 5 year old sister. Julia and I both went into our separate dressing rooms and she tried on some of the croptops from the Women's section and felt like the most grown up lady in the universe. It was adorable. And I actually bought some shorts!!! Such happiness. On the way home, I also finished The Giver. It was really, really unique. I'm trying not to get into the details and everything, so I'll just say that I liked it. That's why I have this picture with my bookshelves in the background, too. Heh. Does anyone having any suggestions about what I should read next??? I'd love to get some suggestions from some fellow writers. ^-^

So, we got home from running our errands and had some friends over for dinner. We had grilled chicken salad out on the picnic tables with a mason jar full of flowers in the middle. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining golden on the tops of the trees. It was wonderful.Then we all jumped on the trampoline like the children that we are (ages 5-18), and surprisingly didn't break any limbs or maintain any (serious) injuries.

After these shenanigans, we decided to go on a walk down our road while the rest of them attempted to get a fire started. Here's a picture that my friend and photographer took (on my ipod. hehe). In the picture below, you can barely see the outline of her and Julia as they start down our road (just so you didn't think there were some kind of mysterious phantoms appearing in my photos). In the picture above, that's what it looks like as soon as you turn left out of our driveway. I think it's pretty awesome.

It was dusk, but was a lot lighter than appears in the pictures. Anyway, we returned to the fire, which was clearly struggling, but perfect for s'mores. So we got our marshmallows golden brown over the embers and layered with some Hershey's chocolate and graham crackers. It was all melty and delicious and kind of heartwarming. Oh no am I getting sentimental over here? Sorry guys.

So then we just relaxed outside (aka choked on the smoke and ash in our faces half the time). Fairy lights were strung in the trees and around the porch. The sky was clear, dark blue as stars began peeking out, and we were all barefoot around the fire, the crickets making all the noise we needed.

And then came the sleepover part of the evening. This part mainly consisted of NETFLIX. And by mainly I mean entirely. Except for like the eating part. We watched five episodes of Once Upon A Time while cuddling on my bed and eating chocolate muffins, in between crying sessions over Hook and Emma and Neal and how we don't want anyone to die and how Regina is kind of fabulous, And Henry and Pan and Tink and FAMILY TREES WHATS GOING ON. I hadn't watched Once Upon A Time in months and months. Summer break is just marvelous.

So yeah. *Deep Breath* (you guys know that's a Doctor Who episode, right? aldkfjdl) I'm letting my fangirl get a little tiny bit out of the bag. Oops. I still haven't talked about seeing Age of Ultron. Also, the Scorch Trials trailer came out. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING.
So that was my Friday. And now I'm wasting my Saturday morning writing about it. This is fun though. But now it's time to get my life together and take a shower and clean and go to a graduation party. Then- Sunday. And church. And a nap. Praise Jesus.


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