Monday, February 9, 2015

procrastination 101

Here I am again: too much to do, so let's just not do any of it.

I really don't have that much to do, guys, don't worry.

Just wanted to let you guys know how to procrastinate if you were interested. I came up with a great way to procrastinate tonight. Ready for confession time?

I got on Webkinz. 

SO, apparently you don't have to buy a Webkinz to get on there, you can just play for free. I know, news flash of the century. So I chose a dog. And I named him Puddleglum. And wow, he was really just really precious. I'm sorry, but you guys would understand if you saw him. I guess I'll just have to post a picture. 

Okay, so, anyway, I'm really, really planning on no one seeing this right now. Because here are some quotes of mine that Abby recorded while I was in my room on the computer [note: I was totally unaware of this]. Nothing unusual, you know. Just talking to myself. This is normal, right? 

"His heart is so low. He needs food."

"Oh my word the W shop is taking so long!!!"

"They have coupons now!?"

"Obviously I want to tell him he's the best pet ever."

"'You're the best friend ever'. That's what he said."

"I love my dog so much........... Desperate for love. That's fine."

"I know you like chocolate milk."

HAHA I'm sorry I'm just crying tears born of laughter and pain. And I know only very very select people will understand this but I want to be able to come back to this whenever oh my word. crying. laughing. hahahhaha oh wow.

K, here is. Puddleglum. #bae

K, now I'm done.

Way past done.

Oh, and I bought him bagels and a sweatshirt.



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