Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Since my posts are so random lately, here's a briefing on life, if anything just to help me think of what's been going on lately. I feel the need to organize my life.

So, I got my braces off!!!!! I would post a picture, but I'm kind of embarrassed to post a picture of myself on here. You might ask why..? I might have no idea why, so let's just move on.

I'm absolutely pining away at the thought of being at the beach in the warmth and the sand and the sun. And hopefully I'll be driving down to Florida for several days over spring break in March to visit some friends!!!!!! AH, I'm so excited. I just want to be tan and... yeah, you know, tan. And I want my natural highlights back. I barely had 3 days at the beach last year. Not good enough. Also I want to feel the freedom and lifted weight of being out of school for a week and with friends and away from life and so much carefree-ness.

Seriously, I'm only 15 I need to calm down about this idea of THE HEAVY BURDEN LIFTED FROM MY WEARY SHOULDERS. I'm in tenth grade. Chill.

Also, I'm planning on chopping off my hair pretty soon. Like to my shoulders at least. YAY. Really yay. I can't wait to get rid of it. My hair looks better short anyway, I think. Leading off of that thought, here's a picture where you get my hair (after I just woke up) and my braces-free teeth without my whole face so it's not a selfie. Which is good. Also there's coffee.

There we go. So, yeah, not actually that much going on. I mean a lot but it's all pretty insignifi- OH. Wow I'm an idiot. I forgot--

I'm getting baptized super soon. I met with the pastors and everything and it was really scary but so encouraging once I got in there. I'm excited. But really nervous. I don't feel like I'm as nervous as I should be. But once we set a date and it's looming over me. Lord, have mercy, in all sincerity.

My devotional life has been a little bit out of sorts recently. Same with prayer life. Ugh, it's so hard to keep as the priority sometimes. All it takes is to get back in routine though. Easier said than done though.

I've started running/working out a little bit........... so yeah.... [cringe] Also I might be playing volleyball this next year, start going to clinics and stuff. I've hardly touched a volleyball though, soo we'll see how that goes.

Well, I've gotten out everything I can think of. I might do like a 20 facts about you thing soon. I just remembered that I was gonna do that. That's what I meant to do for this post. Nice.

Anyone who's reading this, sorry for all the negativity. Is there a lot of negativity in my blog? Or is it just my dry sense of humor? I don't know, I probably can't even tell the difference anymore. 

Anyway I'm gonna go submerge myself in Euripides. So much Greek literature right now.


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