Saturday, February 28, 2015

2 0 f a c t s

- I'm getting baptized tomorrow and I am panicking. 
- Sometimes I feel like I've already lived a lifetime. Sometimes I feel like I have lived a thousand lives. Then, sometimes I feel like a child in a foreign universe, and I hardly understand a thing. 
- I think a lot. About everything. I don't even know what I think about sometimes. 
- I have an extremely intimate relationship with books. Lately I've gone through an insanely dry spot though. I keep up with what books I've read. And I checked back the other day and I haven't read a book for fun SINCE OCTOBER. I've read lots of Greek, Mesopotamian, even Egyptian works for literature, but, yeah, I know. Absolutely no excuses.
- My style is casual comfort. flannel, sweatpants, gray, and sweaters are my go-to's everyday. I'm not sure if you've noticed but my robe is also a staple piece.
- I sleep with a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal from Disney every night. #confessiontime
- I've realized that I really don't like winter. Ew.
- I love big windows with sprawling views. And I never, ever want the blinds shut during the day. Ever. Gross.
- Cloudy days are good for my soul, but I feel my spirits lifted when I open the blinds to see the light of sun playing with the shadows of the trees in the morning.
- I really love bread, and bagels, and most breakfast foods.
- I'm a listener, which most of the time I like.
- I love sweeping.
- I hate washing gross dishes, especially when they're a day old.
- I love organizing little spaces, and buying small things for organization.
- Speaking of which, I could live in Target. Especially with a Chickfila across the street.
- However, even better would be to live in Barnes & Noble. Books, coffee, soothing music in the background. What a paradise.
- I'm allergic to cats. *grumpy cat face*
- I drink hot tea a lot more than coffee.
- I want to be doing so much more with my life than I'm doing right now. I want to be taking advantage of every little opportunity. I want to be outside more. I want to be living a natural, balanced lifestyle, filled with good books and music and sketches, long walks and spontaneous...spontaneousness. Whatever. 
- But most of all I want to love and serve Christ and others so much infinitely more. Thank God for grace.

snow ft. open blinds


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