Saturday, August 20, 2016

burning youth

cheers and waffles and hugs and bunches of confetti and definitely no happy tears (sike) for everyone on today because today we are all joining together to say that we are louder *intentionally leaving suspense about what that actually means so that you will visit the website and find out*. so incredibly proud of this group of beautiful humans and brave souls and honored to be a part of it. so, if the suspense is actually killing you now, head on over to the gem of website:

"It's so easy to feel like you're alone with the voices inside of your head-- like you are the only one who hears their volume. Like you are the only one fighting them in the dark of the predawn. But actually we all hear the voices. We all lie awake at three AM sometimes, with a raging heart and sweaty palms--
We all hear them.
And yes, they are loud, but we?
We are louder.
/ written by katie, one of our founders, future pulitzer prize winner, and 9x author of the year (I may or may not be a prophetess, don't ask)
so, go. go surround yourself with darkness fighters, broken souls who embrace the mess of you and me. go soak in the soul igniting words of humans who are stumbling together after the Light. and while you're at it, maybe grab some bagels, too. idk. let's do this, together.


  1. SCREAM. you know it. <3 love this and you and God and AHHHHHHHHHH. my poor little heart is overwhelmed. can't even find the words.

  2. this is the best

    my post < your post

  3. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. Taking a look now!

  4. Looking right now, but sounds amazing!! Also Bagels! <3

  5. "written by katie, one of our founders, future pulitzer prize winner, and 9x author of the year " <<< *NODS VIOLENTLY*