Saturday, April 11, 2015

a world without money

What would your life look like if money had no meaning? Would you work? Where would you live? Who would you spend your time with? What would you do more/less of?

Well, that's a big question. I think that I would be working but not in the way that I would be in the real world. I would like to think that I would be doing more of helping people. Without the worry of working to keep money coming in to support myself, my time would be opened up so much. 

I'm not sure that I would live in one place, either. I'd like to be traveling abroad a lot. And doing missions and giving my time to God through giving it to other people. It's so rewarding to be giving of yourself to others and I'd want to be investing in people all over the world: third world and first world countries a like. 
If I actually did all of these things, I would be spending my time with lots and lots of different people. But I couldn't help but want to spend time at home in NC. I am a bit of a homebody anyway. So, I'd like to spend it visiting family and friends, meeting new friends, keeping in touch with old and new, and strangers. I'd like to spend time with strangers too. There's so much room for growth, living in a world like that. There's so many different people and different minds and hearts and so many different ways that people can be loved, that people need to be loved. I can't imagine living a life like this and not learning so much more about God, and his creation, and his immeasurable love for his creation. We can learn so much about God through other people. We are, after all, made directly in his  image. There's so, so much to learn, about God, ourselves, all these wonderful, broken human beings around us. Sometimes we get so stuck on ourselves, we forget how much there is out there and how small our lives really are. Not in an insignificant or meaningless way (God cares for us and is watching us and keeping us and loving us every split second of everyday. If that doesn't give our lives significance and meaning and worth then I don't know what does), but in a way that we can glorify God in the complexity of the universe, and his creation, how we can serve him in countless ways in this huge, little world we live in. But I have to say, I'm and introvert, and yes- I need plenty of alone time. That's just a lot of who I am. 

here's some waffles from this am

What I'd do more or less of.... hmm well I kind of covered some of that and whoa I am super dizzy right now for no reason whatsoever. whoa okay. That was weird.  I'M FINE THOUGH. STILL ALIVE. Okay, anyway. I covered some of that. Of course, I would want to serve God in anyway I could. But I guess that's kind of a given, whether money is meaningless or not. I would like to spend more time at coffee shops, book shops, tea shops, etc. I would like to spend more time reading and buying books, used and new. I'd like to spend more time doing things for fun. Go on hikes, browse downtown,  write a novel or two or three. Make a difference. Eat a few more bagels at a fresh bakery. Not stress so much, worry so much. Get a few more movies from redbox. Eat healthier, without worrying about cost or anything. Somehow attain real art utensils and maybe take some lessons. Just to be free to paint with good brushes and paint (not crayola watercolors). That would be nice. These all seem pretty insignificant considering the huge implications of a world where money is meaningless. But I don't know. I guess I live a pretty simple life, where no money just means more time for the simple things. OH. OHOHOH. I would also go to Disney World. And I would take my family and our cousins and it would be the best, happiest two weeks of our lives. 
Well. I thought this post was gonna be too short to post.
Great joke, liv.


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