Friday, November 7, 2014

seasonal nostalgia

Is it possible to be nostalgic for summer, autumn, and winter all at the same time? Apparently so because that's how I'm feeling right now. So here we go, let's go ahead and get my feelings out on paper [instead of doing what I should be doing: school].

Summer is hot, a shimmering layer of heat between us and a blue sky. Summer is sun beating down on you, highlighting your hair, and browning your skin. It's eating popsicles on the porch and half of it melting over your sticky hand before you can finish. It's leaping into the pool, into liquid bliss, a relief from the scorching heat. It's dirty feet and sweaty faces, running barefoot through the yard. It's the beach-- wind tangling your hair, salt on your lips, sun kissing your cheeks. It's the heat on the seashore, swept away by the salty breeze. It's heat and thunderstorms, and running in the pouring rain. It's water balloon fights with your cousins, drinking from the hose, and it's freedom. Freedom from school, from responsibilities. Freedom to run through the woods, over the creek, through the fields, and far away, leaving your troubles behind.


"Autumn-- the years last, loveliest smile." Agh, but the smile is fading at last. *tearssss* Fall.....well, fall is perfect. Fall is glorious, vibrant colors decorating the world all around. It's jumping into a pile of leaves and scattering them all over again. It's a sky of perfect blue, stretching vivid to the ends of the earth. But it's also a sky of platinum gray, dreary rainy days to stay snug inside with baked goods and hot beverages. It's bonfires and s'mores in the crisp fall air. The smell of smoke and dry leaves. It's Halloween and Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season! And [I think I can say this in all confidence] it's my favorite season of all.


Winter is frigid. Winter is sharp winds, a clear night sky, a silvery moon, and an icy frost. It's bare trees and bare forest floors. But while winter may not be nature's loveliest smile, it's lit up by our smiles, enough to warm the long winter days. For winter is Christmas, and snow, and blankets, and fires. Christmas is excitement, exhilaration, ecstatic anticipation. It is joy in it's purest form: in the delight of another, in the giving of gifts. Winter is Christmas music and presents building up under the tree. It's the giddy thrill of not revealing the secrets of the presents you wrapped. Christmas is a warmth within that defies the cold without. And then winter is snow, powdery, white delight. Snow means bitter cold and freezing toes; it means burning your hands on the heat of a mug. It's the warmth of hot chocolate as you swallow your first sip, marshmallow tipping your nose. It's scrounging up enough snow for snowmen and snow balls and snow forts and so much more. Winter is winter and winter is cold but that's what makes it winter.


And for some reason, at this point I'm not feeling Spring that much. Sorry Spring. But spring reminds me of fair weather, budding plants, nearing the end of school, and getting out spring/summer clothes.

So there we go. *breathes a sigh of relief* Nice to get that off my chest. and-- WOW. I posted two days in a row! YAY. Let's just hope the pattern continues... ☺


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