Friday, November 7, 2014

before the throne of God

This morning when I came to the point of prayer in my devotions I just had an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. how could I even dare to approach the throne of God? 

But then I remembered why-- because to Him I am perfect because Christ swallowed my sin in his holiness. He took my rags of filth and evil [the ones that incurred the wrath of God] and gave me a robe of pure, holy white, untarnished for they're His own. He took the rags of my rebellion and disbelief and He took responsibility for the sins he had never committed and for the wrath that was meant for me. He took an eternity of wrath in space of under a day, beaten and mocked by the very people He had created. As the Father turned his face away, the Father turned to me, as my Father, accepting me into his eternity of perfect holiness and bliss in His presence, worshiping him and the One who died for me, forever. 

And that's when I remember how I can come before that throne-- for that very same throne is a throne of grace, the throne that allowed its Son to die that I might live. I can come because the One on the throne loves me enough punish his Son for sins I committed. I can come before this throne of grace because He made me his child so that I could come before that throne.


Okay that might have sounded a bit dramatic, but, let's face it-- this is a pretty dramatic act on God's part. Well, one more blog post checked off the proverbial list. I have got to post on here more often.... 

*doesn't post for 10 weeks*


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