Friday, February 16, 2018

journal excerpts + pics 2017

2. 12.17 "your momma must be so proud"
3.3.17. my car started lol
3.26.17 face-timing til one in the morning and eating bagels together a thousand miles away
4.1.17 corn hole at Granny's + banana pudding
4.9.17 planning to skip prom and eat waffles and play xbox instead
5.11.17 mom brought me breakfast in bed whAt
5.17.17 but I ran and ate bread and samoas and drove unfamiliar country roads with wet hair and late sun on my bare arms and now the sky is pink and purple fading to dark behind the trees and it's ok
5.21.17 everything is so good and I'm too scared to think about it or I'll cry cause beginnings mean endings and time slips by so fast and I don't know how to love people well enough yet. what if I've lived all this time and they haven't seen Jesus yet?
5.24.17 "it was probably nothing but it felt like the world"
6.3.17. me:smiling  him:shut up

6.5.17. dad "olivia can you come back in here real quick? i want you to hear a song"
6.11.17 ..i'm here to serve my Savior. i'm here to love, cherish worship, glorify, and enjoy Him above all else. i'm here to serve other people. & i'm so tired of all the other stuff occupying so much space in my finite brain.
6.24.17 everybody home. pizza.
7.4.17 "when we behave this way, when we refuse to love someone and deliberately withold our love from them.. instead of calling them higher, we are condemning them to stay where they are, in their faults and sins and shortcomings. we won't acknowledge the best in them because we want to make them pay for their bad behavior first. we are seeking to punish them, but in doing this we are feeding the very thing we wish to starve and condemning them to be their worst forever." - eric metaxas, "if you can keep it" 12:20am
7.21..17 [what i learned] that it's okay to open up. to listen when it hurts and when you wanna fight back and defend. how pretty the view from jefferson memorial is at sunset. what good thai food tastes like. that we don't always know what God's doing but He's always good and He never leaves us alone. to stop dismissing the psalms that are all about praise.
7.24.17 today i failed a lot. today Jesus said again come as you are
7.25.17 i feel so loved i might die
8.2.17 the ocean $1 tacos 50 cent frosties springsteen's greatest hits sunroof down
8.6.17 and sometimes "for the best" still feels like the worst
x.x.17 the held glance in the mirror of ur eyes, brow creased in concentration, messy hair 11:35am
9.19.17 will having mom in his contacts as mammy
10.2.17 "mY Favorite Things iS to Be With YOU" note from jules
10.21.17 i just can't believe there was a a last time they got to hear his voice and a last time they got to give him a hug and maybe they didn't do it like they meant it. i can't believe for him this life is over already, too soon
10.24.17 never on the day you leave / john mayer
11.10.17 "so also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice and no one will take your joy from you"
12.13.17 laying out in the field in the freezing cold under a blanket with the boys to watch the meteor shower "where the heck is the little dipper like what the freak"
1.1.18: "no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him" / 1 cor 2:9
and it was Good
how was ur 2017 ??? xo

ps within the next week or so I'm gonna have a "how to journal-ing" post going up on Odyssey. OH I guess I haven't told you guys yet, but I'm writing weekly for Odyssey now, and you can find my stuff all HERE. check back in a week or so and you can see my post on "5 ways to start a killer journal and actually stick with it"! WHOO! sorry this post took me so long I'm kind of the worst. ok thanks love u all bye.


  1. This is beautiful! I love the little notes and pictures. Have an amazing 2018! <3

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes

    1. Thank you so much, Ivie!!! Hope this is your greatest year yet x) <3

  2. Your journal entries are so lovely <3 This was such an amazing way to wrap up 2017; you have a way with words, i can't even... ^.^

    Anyway, I always love it when you post and look forward to your journaling post on Odyssey!

    ♥ Emma Joy

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Olivia! Your journal entries are so sweet and beautiful!

  4. how lovely. you are inspiring me to be more creative with my journaling!

  5. this is so beautiful and inspiring :)

  6. this is beautiful!! and I love 3.3.17 ;) my birthday and I can totally relate too <3

  7. olivia ugh i love this post. you really know how to use words in the most beautiful way.
    so inspiring girl

  8. you're so flipping creative and inspirational like h o w . can't stop loving this. <33

  9. This is so cool, just got a picture of your life from these tiny sentences and feelings, also your journal is so aesthetically pleasing!! And I CANT WAIT for your post on Odyssey, I struggle with journaling but also it’s SO important because it helps me remember what God has done+all the little important things that happen in my year.
    And, I caN’t Even tell you how much I enjoy and love your blog, I will literally just scroll thru and read alll your old posts <3

  10. Soooo neat!!! I can't wait for that journaling post. <33

  11. u r literally like a cinnamon roll after eating dog poop. x that's how much i love u & appreciate u. I LOVE UR POSTS AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE JOURNALING ONeEE. (what can i say? tips r awesome and i'm also bad at certain things oops). xxxx

  12. Awesome memories! I like to write a sentence or two about how my day went on my journal as well, just so that I'll remember the small significant moments whenever I leaf through it. :)

  13. This is lovely. I wish I could journal this beautifully.

  14. Your journal is goals. And that quote from Eric Metaxas? I love this work so much.

    Can't wait for your post on the Odyssey because I just started a journal this year, and I need all the help I can get.


  15. I love how you take a seemingly mundane idea, like a year recap, and turn it into art. :) <3

  16. ^^^^ WHAT SHE SAID

    this is art <3 and very inspirational art at that

  17. THIS GAVE ME SO MUCH JOURNAL INSPIRATION. Sometimes I never know what to put in my journals, and I never thought about putting pictures like you did. LOVE LOVE your journals and I'm so glad you had a great year!

  18. You're so aesthetic. And like, awesome. The end.

  19. Ahhhhhhh this is so beautiful!!

  20. your journals just always make me ridiculously happy. how are you so eloquent and aesthetic??? can i please be you???

  21. I think I will steal this idea for my 2018 New Years post haha.
    SO SO beautiful and so much fun to read!!!!

  22. "and I don't know how to love people well enough yet" - me neither <3

  23. just wanna say that you inspire me a whole lot and i look up to you and i am so darn thankful that you're my friend :')

  24. Wow! I really enjoyed reading this Olivia! This was such a cute and creative way of summarizing your 2017. I love how you were able to describe each moment with only a few words or a sentence 💜

  25. Okay but like, why can't my journal entries be like yours? YOU ARE OFFICIALLY TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS. <3 Also; can we just talking about HOW AMAZING YOU ARE AT JOURNALING. SERIOUSLY; *GOALS*. <3-<3

    hehe, I just did a powerpoint presentation on the jefferson memorial and now I really want to go there.

    xx Kenzie

  26. Great post! Sounds like fun. :)