Saturday, March 11, 2017

a list that you'll probably need

of things to do when you don't like yourself very much

- make cinnamon rolls, or cookies, or hot tea.
- listen to music that is actually happy, but muted happy so it doesn't just feel like nails against the chalkboard of your heart
- take a long shower and feel the hot water and shampoo your hair. be thankful that you can.
- go on a walk, seriously. doesn't matter what time of day.
- try making someone else happy.
- clean. organize. start small. it feels good, promise.
- look at the first and/or last sentence in all your books.
- start writing your flow of thought. maybe it'll turn into something.
- or draw your thoughts. get the bad ones out. make the good ones into something pretty, or just something that means something to you.
- go to sleep.
- make art. preferably watercolors. it doesn't have to be impressive. just art, because you are capable of creating.
- pray. write your prayers out. it has salvaged my prayer life.
- flip through your bible. look at the underlined verses. write them out. speak truth to yourself.

and, in case you forgot, Jesus loves you just as much in this moment as he did in the moment that he chose to endure the suffering and humiliation of the cross for your sake. you are so valuable and loved- fact. no matter what you feel.

[ as seen originally on BURNING YOUTH ]


  1. the timing of this post was absolutely perfect.


  2. I love this so so much. thank you.

  3. this is good, man. this is really really good.

    Randy Abby
    WAKE ME UP Blog

  4. This list is the exactly picture of tranquility and all things wonderful <3

  5. This is so so perfect, Olivia, I love it!!

  6. yesssss all of these is so true


  7. This is awesome! <3


  8. u make me weep.
    heart pouring into words, but it is gentle. like the tingling of wind chimes on sunny afternoons.
    a sweet sound to my soul.
    milk and cookies and late nights.
    that's it.

  9. Ohh I adore this list! I especially love the idea of looking at the first sentences in books, there's something magical and comforting about them x


  10. I cannot express my love for this enough <3

  11. The way you see the world is so contagious! I love this list. I'm saving this because I know I'm going to need to revisit it. <3

  12. Love this very much. But sometimes I wonder how long you can hide away in these things?

  13. This post is so good yes yes yes

  14. Awww this is so great! (although I admit I use the "go to bed" one a little too often :P) I totally hear ya on the "happy-but-not-overly-happy" music; some songs just give me good feels for no particular reason. The acoustic version of "If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn" by Sleeping with Sirens is one of those songs. Idk why but Kellin Quinn's vocals are super soothing and lovely, and the acoustic guitar just makes me smile.

    And of course, praying and God's Word. Always comes first. Writing my prayers out helps me too! Especially when my mind is barreling so fast that I can hardly think up a prayer; writing is a great way to get it all out.

    Way to go; I love this post! I've missed you, name- and birthday-month twin! :)

  15. reading this post is literally enough to calm my heart.
    so much love. x

  16. Olivia, this list is GOLD. So many of those things are my go-to, such as long showers, writing, and cleaning. Also, working out some way helps me a lot, especially if this said workout is ballet.

  17. I need all of this right now tbh. Great list, Olivia!

  18. how ??? you're right i need this post. so bad.
    God bless your beautiful bright soul xx

  19. I want to hang this post on my wall and read it everymorning. That's how much it speaks to me. It's easy to forget how such little things can hold so much Hope. <3<3<3

  20. Fantastic list ♥

    I nominated you for The Writer's Ink Challenge! You can find the details here :

    I hope you'll be able to do the tag!