Saturday, September 12, 2015

DAY 12 // currently

Sorry it's been a while, guys! This week has been crazy insane, and so will the next, so I'm not sure I can promise any better but I'll do my best! I've got to take on some responsibility at some point anyway... (psh) I always love reading others' currently posts, and writing them is so much fun. They're also great for when you're not feeling inspired. So, here we go, everything I'm doing now...
Reading: And The Mountains Echoed by Kahled Hosseini and Beowulf. Just now starting Beowulf, but literally cannot stop reading And The Mountains Echoed. Wasted a whole morning of studying with my nose in that blasted, beautiful book.
Watching: Agents of Shield on a very inconsistent basis. Still on the first season. *cringe*

Trying: To get back into my routine of devotions. It's ridiculously hard to simply sit down and spend time with the one who created me and loves me more than anyone and died for me?! Sometimes I wonder how that can be.
Cooking: Dinner the other night, but thankfully not tonight. Mom is my favorite.
Eating: Pizza soon!!!!!!!!! Another reason why mom is my favorite.

Drinking: Water and lemonade in mason jars.

Calling: Not calling but called by Liberty University today. My introverted worst nightmare.
Apparently they thought I had applied for online classes (?!?!!?). Heart attack.

Texting: Friends (including bae who blogs over here). Nothing too shocking there. 

Pinning: All the words and bread sticks recipes.

Tweeting: Quotes from my ridiculously comical siblings. And also mental commentary from yours truly. I'm also pretty funny. You can check it out here.

Going: NOWHERE. Literally so thankful to have a Saturday night at home. It's been way, way too long. 

Loving: This house and this rainy day and the warmth of light and the cool air settling in. 

Hating: How fallen our world is and how apparent it is in our world today, especially in recent news of the refugee crisis and further revelations about ISIS.

Discovering: That fall is definitely and by far and exclusively my favorite season. And that I definitely cannot keep up with the blogtember challenge.

Feeling: So happy and content and at home right now.

Hoping for: Me to get my life together and use my time well in the upcoming stressful weeks. And also more time spent in prayer.

Listening to: THIS. Click on the link and thank me later. Seriously. Just do it. You don't even know how much you need it in your life. Found it thanks to the lovely Abi over at listless. It is currently giving me life. Also listening to the yells of boys wrestling and giddy shrieks of girls constructing precariously high towers.

Smelling: Pizza. #goals

Ordering: Nothing at the moment. Just a little bit too poor for that.

Thanking: God for how he's helping me to find joy in the little things and choose joy at the start of every new day. Every little step counts.

Considering: Which picture to use in my post. And also how to spend the rest of my night. Devotions, literature, and hanging out with some family friends who are last minute over for supper. They're seriously the best.

Starting: My lit homework that I should've started Thursday. Whoops.
Finishing: Supper. #blessed. And this blogpost. YAY. *confetti* *fireworks* *blessings* wait what


  1. Love these posts so much!!! Seriously, why are devotions so hard???

    1. Thank you, Grace!!!! Seriously, though. Maybe because our sin doesn't want us to spend time with God!

  2. Um, hello! Love your blog. How have you been hiding from me all this time?! Trying to get back into the routine is so hard sometimes. I'm currently struggling with this too and I can't seem to get into a steady habit. Today has been rainy here too and it has been the BEST curl-up, sit-down and DO NOTHING day!

    1. I don't know but so glad you found me. ;) Your blog is seriously one of my favorites!! It's so hard to make it a habit in the craziness of life! YES, I've hardly accomplished anything today, and it feels too good. Well, the thing that made it perfect was that I was productive in the morning and then went to a wedding, but the entire afternoon and evening I had to myself. It was perfect. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention bae. I'm feeling thoroughly blessed by this post ;)

  4. HaHa!!!! Liberty University..... ahhhhhh yes. My sister is a senior and she has gotten at least 7 pamphlets in the mail and at least 2 phone calls from them in like..........1 month. I dragged her over here to read this and she had a good laugh.
    Thank you.


    1. Hahahahahaha, so much stress having to pick up the phone when they're calling for you! I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. No problem, Leah ^-^

  5. pizza, goals. yes, yes and yes. my life. haha! love everything about this post!


    sigh too much things i love in this post <3<3<3

    1. yYEsS. aw yay. that makes me happy. i love them too :')