Thursday, October 2, 2014

october // another school month

I'm sitting outside on our tiny back porch with the laptop overlooking a bit of mulch, a bit of grass, and a lot of trees (not including our woodpile).

As usual, I should probably be doing school, but I just got out of the shower and this weather is way too distracting. Not quite fall. But cool enough to sit outside comfortably.

Anyway, back to school. I'm not really sure how I feel about school. At times, I'm convinced I enjoy it. But at others [interrupts train of thought to yell "ew" at our dog, whose trying to get some attention from inside the house. she's extremely odd.] I don't really know. Overall, I'm pretty sure I like it. I do pretty well in my classes [don't even think about thinking about math in this context].

I really, really enjoyed my last year of history/literature. It was all centered around the 20th century. AGH. I LOVE IT. For one thing, I had never studied that era of history before, which is insane seeing as how I've studied the 18/19th centuries about 10983287 trillion times in my life. That era of history is so telling and fascinating to me. I'm not really sure why. Maybe I would have the same level of fascination with the rest of history if I hadn't truly studied it until now. I kind of wish I could do that...... hmh.

Anyway, I feel like the study of that time period gave me some context so that I could look at present history with new eyes. So I could see how we got [you should know I just flailed at a mosquito and managed to kill it] where we are. Also, it gives me so much more respect for all those generations who came before me. It makes me want to be sure that their sacrifices weren't in vain.

And it made me see the fallen-ness of man in a new lights. We are capable of a lot more crap than we realize. It made me thankful that God holds all of humanity back. And for some of us, he saves us from it all. Yeah, Hitler ad Stalin were really bad. But we could all be like that if not for God.
Praise God for God.

Well, this has turned out a *bit* longer than I had planned on. But that's fine. Let me just read over it and cut half of what I said.

[Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier: LITERATURE. Guys, we read Hemingway, Tolkien, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Lee, O'Conner, Bradbury, and more. How did I even handle it. I don't even know.]

I could go on for so much longer just getting random stuff out of my head and onto paper. I'm starting to feel kind of happy about this blog though. Cause no one will probably see it and I can just get stuff out whenever I want. yay.

So, this has been nice. But right now my family is about to put the new mat on the trampoline (aka Dad is still inside watching the news but the boys are eagerly waiting), so I will return!



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