Wednesday, October 8, 2014

hello, fall break

Aaaaaand my legs are completely covered in mosquito bites [oh, those pesthky mosthquitosth]. Excuse me while I smother them in Hyrdrocortisone.

It still feels fabulous, even after having warmed up over the past few days.

i s a i a h  5 5:9
Let's just go ahead and get to the point of this post. I have no idea why God is so good to me. I am literally just so baffled and overwhelmed right now. Just.... everything. His love is so much greater than my mind can even comprehend.
But more than just his general blessings, he has given me so much more. And I'm so. freaking ungrateful. I'm always discontent. What is this.
I deserve to be unendingly burnt up in Hell for all eternity in incomprehensible  physical/mental anguish. Do I ever really let that sink in? I'm afraid that I don't have an appropriate level of disgust and revulsion at the ugliness of my sin. But in spite of who and what I am, God chose to love me. He sent his only perfect son to die for me on a cross built by the hands of the very people he created. I can't even understand. And because of him, I have an eternity with him to look forward to, free from the bonds of sin.
And NOW, he's given me everything I could ask for and so much more. Okay, now I'm really tempted to do one of those thanksgiving posts, but I feel like that would be inappropriate since it's just early October [you know how inappropriate it is to thank God for anything when you're not in the month of November].
I feel like I could go on about this forever just being like: "how even?!', 'what is life', 'how do I handle it', or 'just....' but I should get back to school.
I guess it's always good to remind myself of my own sin [especially my self-absorption and discontent] and even better to remind myself of God's goodness. And don't worry. I'll be sure to post a thanksgiving one closer to the end of November.
Okay, now we've got some football going on in the front yard and a fire right off the porch. Goodbye, computer. Hello, fall break. [just kidding. I'll be working on my lab report by the fire]


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