Monday, October 12, 2015

currently: grateful

wearing // an oversized tshirt and shorts
drinking // lotsss of water and hot tea
laughing at // my stupid sense of humor and when i slightly stumble over my words. and how bae aka my sister always catches it when i do mess up and we die.
cooking // or baking banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast this morning. so good.
working on // my speech. james really got it right in james 3. my entire life and the lives of those around me can be dictated by what i say. so why is it that i continue to use it in ways that are anything but encouraging or uplifting? also on a clear kind of structure for my devotions (i would soo appreciate any tips!) and and a running schedule.
wanting // some food right now and to go to sleep. such a struggle.
looking forward to // sleepover with baes in the middle of the week because fall break. this should include the office marathons, donuts, target runs, and earl grey tea in abundance. also hanging rock for my sisters' engagement pictures!!!!!!!!! what is life!!!!!!!!!!! also coffee dates with other bae. and maybe (maybe maybe) apple picking and hay rides with lots more baes. and maybe a little early for this but that extra hour of sleep at the start of november OH AND CHRISTMAS TOO.
listening to // football. all the time.
loving // having so much more time this week.
watching // so. much. agents of shield. so stinking good. just started the second season and can we just talk about fitzsimmons please. also clark gregg is bae. (plus season 9 of doctor who. God bless bbc america)
planning // hardly anything because it's fall break and i do what i want. but i do have responsibilities still so i guess just planning for the week ahead. actually a little stressful. O.o
encouraged by // my church and this past sunday. it was so full of goodness. also some time spent in prayer after the service with some friends. also sunshine ^-^
grateful for // my family. second chances and forgiveness. books. sunshine. fall weather. 1 free week of spotify premium. a healthy body. my country. spearmint gum. clear fresh water. barefoot walks. wildflowers. salad. bagels. my bed. pillows. sleep. ok i think it's time for bed.

thanks to emily over at ember grey for this fantastic idea- go check out her post and get linked in! oh, and ps to everyone who commented on my latest post- i finally went back and replied! sorry it took so long- life's been crazy! hoping to get back on schedule this week (psh as if i even have one). this prompt by emily was the perfect one to get me going- short but sweet. thanks for the inspiration! 
what have you guys been grateful for lately?



    I seriously love posts like this, they're so much fun to read:)

  2. Awww, this post makes me so incredibly happy! I love when people list some of the things they're thankful for :) Oh, and i'm struggling with a consistent devotional schedule as well...ugh, it's so frustrating at times!

    1. Awww, yay that makes me so incredibly happy ^-^ squealing inside. So frustrating!!! I'll be praying that you get on a good schedule that works for you! It'll inspire me to do devotions and pray more, so really it's a win-win for both of us;)

  3. Love your post bae! Always supporting you! #blessedbyyou #alwayseveryday

  4. DUUUDE IS THIS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE COMMENTED. 0_0 I don't even know... ahhhhhhhh. MY SISTER ABBIEE RAVES ABOUT YOUR BLOG ALL THE TIME AND I AM LIKE "OH YES I AM GOING TO GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG PRONTO" BUT THEN I DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND I AM JUST NOW FINDING IT. (ok...enough caps lock. xD) But I always see your super sweet comments on my blog, and they always make my day, and I never realized that miss Olivia Knight IS Summer of 1999! Like ahhhh how did I miss this?? And I follow you on Instagram too. Okay, so your blog is beautiful, your words are beautiful, YOU are beautiful, and I am uber blessed that I found your awesome blog! Following!

    1. ABBIE RAVES ABOUT MY BLOG?!?! I'M BLUSHING AND SOBBING (ok not really i promise i'm not that emotional) THAT HAPPENS TO ME ALLLL THE TIME SERIOUSLY. AW MY COMMENTS MAKE YOUR DAY? All the feels from your comment Katie. I love your instagram and your blog too and wow you are just so sweet I can't even. Thanks for the comment and the follow. :')
      ps I'm a big fan of your work in that youtube video- something about q&a with abbie- sooo can i like get your autograph or something idk? i'm just a huge fan

    *melts into clump in front of screen*
    what even does that mean autumn.
    okay a) i'm too tired to really think straight b) i LOOOVED this post. like a lottle. it's like a little but a lot (okay fine i got that off pinterest.) anyways, yeah. it sounds like you're having an amazing life. which is AMAZING. pillows + food + sunshine + sleep + friends YES. anyways i'm rambling and not really making a point, but yeah well. awesome post, liv.
    wait do people call you that? like do you have any nicknames or do we call you olivia? i mean, both are drop-down beautiful names but like yeah..... ^_^

      i feel you. i feel you.
      whoa. a lottle. that impressed me a lottle. *snickers to self alone in room* .... *sighs* thank you so much your comment was amazing.
      YES. they do they call me liv and livvy and olivia so whatever you want babe. thank youuuuuu and btw i love your name so much i always have but for some reason i'm just now saying. it's lovely and so are you. ^-^

  6. as autumn aptly put it above tOO MUCH AWESOMENESS AND PERFECTION HERE GIRL <3<3<3<3

    and yes hold on excuse me while i fangirl doCTOR WHO aNd aGEnTS oF ShiELD whhhaaaat i'm so obsessed hehe. plus i didn't know it was a thing that sisters catch the world stumbling thing and it literally kills us every single time.

    this post was golden xxx

    1. hahahahahahhahhahahhahhahahahahhahhaha i loved your comment so much.
      whattt i didn't even know wow i love you
      whattt i didn't know that was a thing either but in our house it's totally a thing.
      whattt i love you xo
      THANK YOU.

  7. I love posts like this where I get a glimpse into someone else's life and their "currently". Plus, they're always so much fun to read!

    And girl, I can totally relate to dedicating consistent time for devos! It's hard, but I've found that if I switch it up every now and then, I get more into it. Lately, I've been using colored pens to underline a specific theme throughout a chapter. I'm a visual learner so seeing the colors all over my page helps me memorize the message of the chapter... Plus, it looks pretty so... :)

    1. THANK YOU! they're so much fun to write ^-^
      thanks so much for the tip!! that's a fantastic idea- i'm definitely a visual learner too, plus I love anything artsy or pretty looking soo... i'm actually really excited to do devotions tomorrow now. eeeee ^-^ can't wait to check out your blog kianna!!!!!!!!!! thanks for stopping by<3

  8. "james really got it right in james 3." I has gots to go and read this now but WUT SPEECH IT SOUNDS AMAZING AND LIKE...I WANT TO KNOW MORE. Okay, ahem. I'm with you on pretty much everything you listed there at the bottom. And I hope you get to go apple picking (super fun) and gosh, enjoy all those lovely things! You life sounds like a totally awesome party. *is jelly* Haha, no, I'm kidding. x) But I do covet the free time thing...
    This is a fabulous prompt! And I didn't know your sis had a blog omg! Have fun doing photos with them! That sounds like a blast. Sorry I've been so MIA lately, my time has not been my own. (in literally every sense of the phrase.) I also have really bad grammar suddenly. I'm going to blame it on Pinterest, the end.
    And yes, Spotify Premium is a beautiful thing. *squeals because I just bit the bullet (literally five minutes ago) and bought myself some* AAAAAEEEHHCCK!

    Love ya girl. ♥