Tuesday, August 11, 2015

777 challenge

Okay guys this is actually ridiculous. So the lovely Abbie tagged me for this brilliant idea called the 777 challenge. So here's the idea: I share 7 lines from the 7th page of a book I've written and then tag 7 others to do the same. Absolutely in love with this challenge........ except for the part where I actually have to limit the number of lines I share. Like... could I do 77 lines?! I'm still majorly struggling with this. *80 years later* Okay. I've finally got it. Here we go guys. It's not my best, but...... yeah, it's just not my best.

Asa hadn't said a word since the speech. She knew though. And he knew that she knew. They just always knew. They always had. So, they stood there in silence, watching as people flooded out of the stone courtyard, returning to their mundane lives, with a new fire in their eyes, a young eager fire. A fire that had yet to be checked, to be tamed.
Nearly all of them had left, but she couldn't bring herself to turn and look at him. She knew exactly what he would look like. She didn't want to see the well concealed pain in his eyes, or the tightness of his neck and his jaw. It already hurt to feel the tenseness in his arm beside hers.
She almost let out a sigh of relief at the sound of her name screeched from across the courtyard.

Okay, so it's 8 lines. Whatever. This is from a fantasy novel work in progress, which I haven't actually worked on in months, entitled "flame & shadow". On the slim chance that you might happen to want to read more I have this chapter plus the three preceding ones posted up on figment.com! They're all very short and the whole thing is a little over ten minutes to read. Anyway, here's the link (and if you do go read it please tell meeeee ^-^): http://figment.com/books/802586-flame-shadow-
Legitimately almost posted this without tagging anyone. Hmm. Not sure how many of you are actually writing books, but I'd love any extra writing from all of you: Abby, Elisabeth, Tane, Melinda, Corliss, Cally, Evelyn. Also making the late addition of Olivia, seeing as I've now discovered she had a figment. yay.^-^

In other news (apart from spending ridiculous amounts of time at the library), I passed my exam to enter community college. I went to the beach on a spontaneous day trip (see picture below). I watched one of my best friends give her testimony and be baptized. I read lots (but still not enough). I ate way too much chocolate- please blame this on all those beautiful people who gave it to me for my birthday. I have also succeeded in procrastinating the writing of my sweet 16 party post. *cringe* sorry guys. OH AND I GOT A LAPTOP. Speaking of which, I start school this monday. :/ :/ :/ :/  I'm trying to get pumped!!!!!! It's kind of working, but only when I use lots of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!! Also I've also been bracing myself for all my baes leaving for college- way too many. Wait did I just use the word bae on here????????? Okay, maybe time to stop writing now. I thought I had a lot going on in my life but apparently not hahahahahha. my life.
Before I go though, any post ideas, guys???? I would really love some. I'm feeling torn between totally uninspired and inspired by too many things to actually sit down and write one of the things. thanks for reading my mess, you wonderful 30 followers xoxo

ps- please go read Annie's 777 challenge here because it's 777x better than mine and you need it in your life.


  1. I love these small, 7 lines! They always want me to read the rest, especially yours!

    I honestly love the library and congrats on college exam.

    I love the library.

    Sounds like you've been busy (a lot more than me).

    1. thanks so much, Emily!! me too. i'm pretty sure i could live there.
      yeah, this summer has been crazy busy! but good kind of busy ^-^
      thanks for reading♥

  2. sounds like a lovely, burning story. perhaps i'll give the other chapters a read. =)

    the rest of of your life sounds like you're keeping yourself going with small wonderful things. chocolate, books, friends, beaches, baptizing.. <3

    as for your post ideas, love: just bleed your thoughts out. that's all i ask.

    thank you for tagging me! i suppose you could say i am writing a book, in which case i have no excuse do i?

    p.s i sent you an email about blog buttons, did you get it?

    1. thank you♥♥♥
      yes, life is so good.
      and, no, absolutely no excuses! can't wait to read it ^-^
      just checked my email and yes I did!!!!! so sorry about that- i'll respond asap.

  3. This is SOOO goooddddd <3 I didn't read the entire thing, but I loved your descriptions :)
    And yay, congrats on your college exam!

    1. ah i'm so flattered- thanks lauren!!!!! and yes i'm relieved:)

  4. I LOVE YOUR 7 (actually 8 heh) LINES SO MUCH <3

    thank you tons for the tag *hugs* awkwardly, i actually tagged you for this challenge and just posted it, and then realised that you tagged me so i went to edit it bahaha. thanks darling <3

    1. THANK YOU AHH <3
      the pleasure is all mine. hahah, great minds think alike! loved your post so much :') :') :')

  5. You're a really great writer, I'm kind of intrigued to read more of your book now, I'll have to check it out. Also, congrats on getting into college! I actually just graduated :)

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. thank you so much alice!!! that's awesome- congrats :) can't wait to check out your blog<3

  6. This challenge was one thing: GENIUS!

    1. yessss, i loved the idea and it was so much fun to write!