Friday, December 10, 2021

believe me

There's a danger in it, too–
Has anyone ever told you?

In dealing in words–
Truths and half truths and lies
And imaginations and fantasies and reality snuck in

So, why would you believe me
When I told you it was a dream?

I told you,
I know just how to pick out the good parts
Where the light hits just right
When there's kindness in his eyes

I know just the moments to choose
To make you believe

So, tell me–
Why would you believe me 
For a split second

When I tell you
What a dream
This nightmare is?

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


GUYS!!! I finally did it. I published a book of my poetry and you can go buy it right now on Amazon!!!!! Here’s the link: 

On The Way Home: A Collection of Poems, by Olivia Gwyn

I’m screaming. Thank you to everyone on this space who has made me feel like I have something worth saying. I don’t know where I’d be without you guys!!!!


Now look at how pretty she is!!!! The cover is a picture of my backyard where I grew up. Where it all started. Crying. I’m so proud of this little book and I’m so excited for you guys to have it IN YOUR HANDS!! Whoooo!

Go get your own copy HERE.


There is a plane passing overhead
Someone heading to Greece 
For the first time in their short life
The sun is shining
And there is so much to look forward to

The birds are playing hide and seek together
And some ladies down the sidewalk join them in laughter
There is a lawn mower running in the distance

The sun goes down so early
As the dog barks at nothing
And I am watching

All my inconveniences 
And the earth laughs in my face with its beauty

I know the world is an ugly place
But tonight I will stop doing the dishes
And listen to the kids down the street play basketball
And watch the dad with a colorful backpack
Walk his child home from school, listening to his day

I will smell the spice of our downstairs neighbor’s dinner
I will hear the birds forgetting it’s almost winter time
I will breathe in the last taste of autumn
I will sit on my little porch
I will watch

What a gift–
Of watching

I will try too hard to remember 
How good it feels to be alive right now
In a world like this

I will try too hard to remember
For the dark days ahead
And for all the days of light shining eternal in the distance